BALLET - We follow a traditional class format: barre, centre movements, jumps, travelling steps and dance
sequences. Classical and contemporary music is used. Learning experiences include ballet mime & gesture,
demi-character dance, traditional European folk dance, lyrical dance, creating dance, musical interpretation
and ballet history. We use the ADV syllabus with certificate option available and offer classes from 5 years
of age.

TAP - Our tap classes include technique, combinations and dance work. A variety of tap styles is included:
traditional, blues, Latin, musical theatre, speed and funky. ADV and Tapatak Oz syllabi are used in
combination to provide our students with a well-rounded tap education.

JAZZ is a high energy style of dance featuring kicks, leaps, spins, fancy footwork and loads of personality!
Classes include technique and conditioning and up-tempo and slow jazz, funk and musical theatre
choreography. Open classes and ADV certificate levels are offered.

ACRO-JAZZ is a fusion of dance movements with acrobatic skills and develops flexibility, balance, strength,
concentration and teamwork. Acro-Jazz classes include full body warm-up, limbering and strength work;
acrobatic technique and safety; acrobatic skills such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers; partner balances
and group formations; dance skills and combinations. Dancers are progressed through the Acrobatique

CONTEMPORARY dance is a hybrid form which borrows from the language of ballet, jazz and traditional
modern dance. As the name implies it is dance of the moment; choreography may be narrative or
analytical or abstract in nature and is often paired with current music. Our classes include warm-up;
across-the-floor technique; rolling, turning and balancing skills and choreography leading to concert
performance. A strong ballet or technical jazz foundation is essential. We offer contemporary dance from
11 years of age.